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Pool Description&Rules

Pool Description&Rules

Flex PCB Pool is a community Flex printed circuit board (Flex PCB) order provided by Gold Phoenix PCB for customers who need small QTY Flex PCB orders.

We bring you high quality, lead free boards (Lead Free HAL), manufactured in the China and the board is cut by laser. The order can be shipped to anywhere in the world by FEDEX or DHL.

FPC Pool #:    FP2024061701

  • Total Area: 200 Inch Sq

  • 0.00%
  • Open Area:  200 Inch Sq Close Time:   30hours   
  • Pool Spec :
  • 2layers, 0.100mm+/-10%, Polyimide, 0.5oz, Immersion Gold, YELLOW SOLDER MASK, TWO SIDE MASK, WHITE SILK SCREEN, TOP SILK, Min Hole Size: 12mil, Min Trace: 5mil,
    Special Notes: Shipped As Individual Boards
Area USD/inchsq
10-20  Inchsq 1.20
21-30  Inchsq 1.20
31-40  Inchsq 1.20
41-60  Inchsq 1.20
Region Carriers
Africa/Middle East  
EMS $10.00, DHL $35.00, IP $39.00, IE $35.00
North America  
EMS $5.00, DHL $20.00, IP $29.00, IE $25.00
DHL $40.00, IP $50.00, IE $45.00
Other Region  
EMS $10.00, DHL $30.00, IP $39.00, IE $35.00

In the same FPC Pool YOU ONLY PAY SHIPPING ONCE,which means that FPC Pool order support combine shipping to save money. Due to COVID-19 EMS Service are unavailable.