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Gold Phoenix Knowledge Center is a professional interchange center in the PCB industry fields.It can provide authoritative answers for PCB relating inquiry, and all of the participants can obtain knowledge or information, communicate technology and experience with each other, and also then establish a new understanding relationship through cooperation.

  • 2017-11-20Via Tenting, Plugging, and Filling

    Summary:There are many reasons a printed circuit board designer might want to have a via tented, plugged or filled.

  • 2017-11-15PCB Design Process & Workflow

    Summary:There are 11 steps to the PCB design process & work flow.

  • 2015-12-23Flex Board Design Tutorial

    Summary:Since gold phoenix has offers FLEX Board service, a lot of customers ask us how to design flex board. We think that it is time to write a tutorial for flex board design.

  • 2012-07-26The Fundamental of Printed Circuit Board

    Summary:A printed circuit board, or PCB, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.

  • 2012-03-16How to Create a Printed Circuit Board

    Summary:This application note outlines a process through which printed circuit boards (PCBs) may be produced using the PCB design and fabrication tools. This document describes the PCB production process in general and also presents a case study.

  • 2011-09-10Printed Circuit Design Tutorial

    Summary:This document is written by gold phoenix, it give very useful information in PCB design and PCB fabrication. It can help the PCB designer to design the PCB in the way PCB manufacture can understand and get the job done.

  • 2011-09-10Cost Analysis of Printed Circuit Board

    Summary:This document is written by gold phoenix, it provide a brief analysis for the cost to manufacture a PCB boards. It can help customer to design the PCB with low cost.

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